Uni listens to mothers, and grows

Uni has set its sights on creating new products that respond to the feedback and evaluation of mothers at its new Mother-Baby Insight Center. Uni’s goal is to place at least one product in every household with a baby in the 0-4 age group and to grow in neighboring geographies.

Uni, the Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products Division’s fast-growing personal care brand and pioneer of the “newborn” category in its sector, is using all the resources available at its new plant in Gebze to grow fast. Uni’s new 20 thousand square meter production site comprises a 14 thousand square meter plant that is certified as meeting the European Cosmetics Directive’s hygiene standards and a 9 thousand square meter distribution center for the Consumer Products Division.  
In line with the Division’s vision of propelling Uni into the top three brands of Turkey’s personal care market, Eczacıbaşı Group Executive Vice President of Consumer Products Hakan Uyanik says, “Turkey’s baby care market currently represents one-fifth of the personal care market and is growing much faster than the average for the sector. With the help of our Uni brand, which is well-positioned in baby care, we aim to significantly increase our share of the personal care market.”

Our focus is on the ingredients you won’t find in our products
The new plant is certified as meeting ISO 9001 Total Quality Management and ISO 22716 GMP standards as well as the hygiene standards of the European Cosmetics Directive.  Coşkun Bedük, Vice President of Marketing says, “Our principal philosophy with regard to the Uni brand is not what our products contain, but rather what they don’t contain. We don’t use alcohol, parabens, dyes, phosphates, bleaches, and ingredients like SLS/SLES, and every day we try to learn more about babies’ delicate skin."
R&D inspired by mothers and babies
Stressing the importance of understanding mothers’ and babies’ needs better, Bedük adds, "We established a Mother-Baby Insight Center at the new plant to ensure that we develop the most suitable products for babies. We invite mothers to bring their babies to the center, listen to what they expect and need from us, and observe their baby care routines. The feedback we receive from mothers is one of the most important steps in our product development process. We combine the insights we receive from mothers with our production power to develop new products.”
Growing market for baby care and cleaning products
Coşkun Bedük reports that Turkey’s baby care market, which comprises baby wet wipes, baby cosmetics and baby cleaning products, is valued at TL 700 million. "In 2016, the baby wet wipe market grew 15 percent to TL 440 million and the baby cosmetic market, by 18 percent to TL 194 million. Uni continued to lead in the baby wet wipe market and grew rapidly in the baby shampoo sector to become the third most popular brand in this segment.” The baby cleaning market, which comprises baby detergent and softener, is valued at TL 66 million. “Uni added baby laundry detergent and softener to its portfolio in 2015. Sales of our detergents and softeners, which contain no paraben or bleach, are growing rapidly. In 2016, we raised our market share in this segment to 15 percent, and in 2017, our goal is to increase it further to 25 percent.
Meeting the hygiene needs of 1.2 million babies in Turkey
Noting that women in Turkey today have 2.1 children on average, Coşkun Bedük says, "We’re delighted than one out of every four families with a baby in the 0-4 age group prefers Uni products. At present, we’re providing baby care and baby cleaning products to 1.2 million babies in this age group. Our goal now is to place at least one Uni product in every household in Turkey with a baby in the 0-4 age group.” Bedük also stressed that the new plant would enable the brand to grow in neighboring geographies while consolidating its leadership in Turkey.