Turkish Business Council for Sustainable Development
In November 2007, the Eczacıbaşı Group became a member of the Turkish Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD Turkey). The mission of BCSD Turkey is to assist the Turkish business community, in coordination with WBCSD, achieve sustainable success globally by contributing to the development of the social, environmental, and economic environment and conditions for using resources more efficiently. In 2008, the Eczacıbaşı Group was the Platinum Sponsor of the third Sustainable Development Congress organized by TBCSD on the” Threats and Opportunities for Business”.
Global Compact
The UN Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. The Eczacıbaşı Group signed the Global Compact in May 2006. In May 2008, it published its first Communication on Progress, a performance report required annually from Global Compact signatories.
Copenhagen Communiqué on Climate Change
The Eczacıbaşı Group has signed the “Copenhagen Communiqué on Climate Change”, a movement to promote just and robust solutions to climate change. The communiqué aims to collect signatures for a “sufficiently ambitious, effective and globally equitable deal” that would create the conditions for “transformational change in the global economy” and create opportunities for “billions of dollars” of private sector investment in low carbon products, services, technologies and infrastructure.
Cancun Communiqué on Climate Change
In October 2010, the Eczacıbaşı Group signed the Cancun Communiqué on Climate Change presenting the business community’s expectations from governments at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun (COP 16), which will take place between 29 November-10 December 2010. The business community is urging governments to re-double their efforts at the local, state, national and regional levels to move towards a low-carbon economy.
The 2 Degree Challenge Communiqué
The Eczacıbaşı Group signed the 2 Degree Challenge Communiqué in December 2011. The communiqué highlights the need for strong and stable international, national and local frameworks to achieve the 2 degree global warming target and for implementing and advancing, through active dialogue, policies developed jointly by the business world and governments.
United Nations’ Women Empowerment Principles
In 2013, the Eczacıbaşı Group officially committed itself to the United Nations’ “Women Empowerment Principles”. Developed by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and the United Nations Global Compact and launched on 8 March 2010, the Women's Empowerment Principles provide guidelines to businesses for reviewing and improving their human resources policies and practices to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community.
United Nations’ Women Empowerment Principles
The Eczacıbaşı Group is a founding member of Unstereotype Alliance Turkey, an initiative to promote an environment of equal opportunity in Turkey by transforming the content of advertising. Established in early 2020, the platform aims to encourage advertisers, brands and agencies to work together to promote gender equality by eliminating harmful gender-based stereotypes.
Business World Plastic Initiative
In 2019, the Eczacıbaşı Group signed the "Business World Plastic Initiative" to combat plastic waste and pollution. The initiative was established by three NGOs in which the Group is actively involved: Global Compact Turkey, the Business Council for Sustainable Development-Turkey (SKD), and the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD).