Eczacıbaşı Pharmaceutical and Industrial Investment Co.

General Assembly


The Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of our Company will be held on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, at 09:00 hrs at Altın Damlası Meeting Room, within the Company Headquarters, located at Büyükdere Caddesi Ali Kaya Sokak No:5 Levent - Istanbul to discuss the following agenda.        
Shareholders of our company may attend the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting in person or via proxies either physically or by electronic means. Attending to the company's general assembly meetings by electronic means will be conducted through the Electronic General Assembly System ("e-GKS") medium to be provided by the Central Registry Agency ("CRA"). Shareholders who will perform transactions via e-GKS must first register themselves with the Investor Information Center of Central Registry Agency (CRA) and must also have a secure electronic or mobile signature.
Shareholders or their proxies who want to attend the meeting via electronic means must fulfill their obligations as set out in the “Regulation Regarding General Assemblies of Joint Stock Companies to be held in the Electronic Media” published on the Official Gazette Dated 28 August 2012 and No. 28395, and the "Communiqué on Electronic General Meeting System applicable to General Meetings of Joint Stock Companies” published on the Official Gazette Dated 29 August 2012 and No. 28396.
Those listed below may attend to the General Assembly Meeting to be held physically;
  • Real person shareholders by submitting their ID cards,
  • Legal entity shareholders by submitting ID cards of individuals authorized to represent and bind the legal entity along with their letters of authorization,
  • Representatives of the real and legal entities by submitting their ID cards and letters of representation,
  • representatives authorized through the Electronic General Assembly System by submitting their identities,
and by signing the list of attendees.
The shareholders who will attend the meeting by proxy are required to fulfill obligations laid down in the Communiqué on Voting by Proxy and Proxy Solicitation no. II-30.1 of the Capital Markets Board and to submit their powers of attorney issued by a notary public based on the power of attorney form shown below. The aforesaid power of attorney form is available at the Company headquarters and under investor relations section of www.eis.com.tr and www.eczacibasi.com.tr. The attorney appointed via e-GKS is not required to present a physical proxy document and the said proxy appointed through e-GKS may attend the General Assembly meeting, both physically and also through e-GKS. The attorney who will be physically attending the meeting by proxy is required to submit an identity card at the meeting regardless of being appointed by a notarized power of attorney or through e-GKS.
The right to attendance and voting at the General Assembly pursuant to paragraph 4, article 415 of the Turkish Commercial Code no. 6102 and paragraph 1, article 30 of the Capital Market Law no. 6362 may not be subjected to the requirement of depositing the share certificates. In this framework, in the event that our shareholders wish to attend the General Assembly Meeting, they do not have to block their shares.
Our shareholders or their representatives who will attend the general assembly meeting by electronic means via e-GKS may get information about the procedures and principles of participation, assignment of proxies, making of proposals, declaration of opinions and voting by visiting the website of the CRA (https://egk.mkk.com.tr).
The Financial Statements of our company for 2020, Independent Auditors' Report, Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report, Sustainability Principles Compliance Framework Declaration and the Annual Report of the Board of Directors containing the profit distribution proposal of the Board of Directors and the following agenda items and also the "General Assembly Information Document" containing the necessary explanations for compliance with the regulations of the Capital Markets Board will be made available three weeks prior to the meeting, within the legally required period, at the Company Headquarters and under investor relations section of www.eis.com.tr and www.eczacibasi.com.tr and e-GKS for examination by shareholders.
As per the Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698, you may find the detailed information regarding processing of your personal data in the EİS Eczacıbaşı İlaç, Sınai ve Finansal Yatırımlar Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. General Assembly Disclosure Text available under the investor relations section of www.eis.com.tr and www.eczacibasi.com.tr websites.
We'd like to point out that, due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, the meeting will be held in accordance with measures and rules declared by official authorities and our shareholders must closely follow new measures and rules to be declared by competent authorities.
Respectfully submitted for the information of the distinguished shareholders.