Financial Highlights

SUMMARIZED FINANCIAL DATA (Thousand TL)2020/032019/03
Gross Profit96,16876,019
Operating Profit94,42670,965
Depreciation and Amortisation5,2745,352
Net Income87,191-8,550
Total Assets5,017,9144,838,337
Total Shareholder's Equity4,364,4704,277,258
Total Current Assets1,186,1361,001,345
Total Current Liabilities391,357358,554
Capital Expenditures2,13233,890
Liquidity Ratios2020/032019/03
- Current Ratio3.033.03
- Liquidity Ratio2.782.81
The Ratios Related to Financial Structure2020/032019/03
- Total Liabilities / Total Assets0.130.13
- Total Shareholders' Equity / Total Assets0.870.87
- Total Shareholders' Equity / Total Liabilities6.686.92
Profitability Ratios2020/032019/03
- Net Income / Total Shareholders' Equity0.020.00
- Net Income / Total Assets0.020.00
- Net Income / Revenue0.32-0.04