Financial Highlights

SUMMARIZED FINANCIAL DATA (Thousand TL)2019/062018/06
Gross Profit137,744135,412
Operating Profit116,578112,101
Depreciation and Amortisation10,7435,177
Net Income101,340173,674
Total Assets4,426,2464,456,472
Total Shareholder's Equity3,894,9033,997,844
Total Current Assets912,312912,383
Total Current Liabilities328,390241,737
Capital Expenditures29,13016,945
Liquidity Ratios (%)2019/062018/06
- Current Ratio2.783.32
- Liquidity Ratio2.543.08
The Ratios Related to Financial Structure (%)2019/062018/06
- Total Liabilities / Total Assets0.120.11
- Total Shareholders' Equity / Total Assets0.880.89
- Total Shareholders' Equity / Total Liabilities7.337.89
Profitability Ratios (%)2019/062018/06
- Net Income / Total Shareholders' Equity0.030.05
- Net Income / Total Assets0.020.04
- Net Income / Revenue0.250.48