Financial Highlights

SUMMARIZED FINANCIAL DATA (Thousand TL)2021/092020/09
Gross Profit249,294234,302
Operating Profit242,620300,803
Depreciation and Amortisation18,17114,684
Net Income326,818328,907
Total Assets6,085,4065,970,231
Total Shareholder's Equity5,459,8875,282,308
Total Current Assets1,330,1331,267,436
Total Current Liabilities379,631414,110
Capital Expenditures41,19126,739
Liquidity Ratios2021/092020/12
- Current Ratio3.503.06
- Liquidity Ratio3.192.70
The Ratios Related to Financial Structure2021/092020/12
- Total Liabilities / Total Assets0.100.12
- Total Shareholders' Equity / Total Assets0.900.88
- Total Shareholders' Equity / Total Liabilities8.737.68
Profitability Ratios2021/092020/12
- Net Income / Total Shareholders' Equity0.060.06
- Net Income / Total Assets0.050.05
- Net Income / Revenue0.410.35