Financial Highlights

SUMMARIZED FINANCIAL DATA (Thousand TL)2022/032021/03
Gross Profit133,85278,222
Operating Profit191,442111,767
Depreciation and Amortisation6,5175,976
Net Income190,631141,225
Total Assets8,523,6848,264,593
Total Shareholder's Equity7,586,4457,395,768
Total Current Assets2,021,7161,797,047
Total Current Liabilities622,440542,941
Capital Expenditures6,00183,293
Liquidity Ratios2022/032021/12
- Current Ratio3.253.31
- Liquidity Ratio2.993.09
The Ratios Related to Financial Structure2022/032021/12
- Total Liabilities / Total Assets0.110.11
- Total Shareholders' Equity / Total Assets0.890.89
- Total Shareholders' Equity / Total Liabilities8.098.51
Profitability Ratios2022/032021/12
- Net Income / Total Shareholders' Equity0.030.10
- Net Income / Total Assets0.020.09
- Net Income / Revenue0.510.68