Work Ethics

In order to fulfill the basic purpose of “having perfect human source supported by the best human resources practices”, our organization adapted following policies:

  • To ensure organizations affiliated with Company maintaining their organizational structures dynamic and to be ready for changes in accordance with their strategic plans and objectives,
  • To improve individual and team performances by processes and systems improving quality constantly in order to benefit from human resources in the most efficient and productive way and to direct management power in accordance with Company objectives; and to create a professional work environment and career advancement opportunities for our employees,
  • To ensure Company to gain people who are sufficiently educated, open for innovation and changes, with entrepreneurship soul, energetic, aiming to develop his/her characteristics and job, training personnel and adopting values of Company.

  • It has been focused on quality, customer satisfaction, productivity, participatory management, team work, flexibility and open communication for fulfilling these objectives and policies and in these studies carried out for human resources and systems developed.

    When carrying out their duties, employees are liable to obey Company Work Ethics, to understand the importance of their responsibilities and to carry out them.

    1. Each employee is responsible to perform his/her duty carefully and meticulously, to follow and understand legal rules and their amendments related with his/her job, and to obtain information required for performing his/her duty. In case of any difficulties on these matters, related authority of the organization should be consulted;

    2. Each employee maintains his/her duty with efficiency and performance expected from him/her according to requirements and characteristics of duty.

    3. When making a decision about the duty, each employee has to prioritize the benefits of organization and to avoid all kinds of actions that would harm the organization;

    4. Each employee is liable to hide information learnt during duty which are considered as harmful to disclose and should be kept secret.

    5. Each employee is obliged to obey laws and to avoid all kinds of actions which would put company in a difficult position and harm the dignity of company.

    6. During works with direct/indirect third persons or organizations related with employment for their own positions or related with the works, each employee should pay attention to prefer individuals or organizations that have dignity and would adopt Company Work Ethics.

    7. Employees cannot try to benefit from natural and juridical persons and cannot offer and give any illegal payment or aid to any person or organization.

    8. Each employee should always prioritize Company Work Ethics in relations with government and clients and should avoid all attempts which aim to influence other party when representing Company in these platforms but harm the dignity of Company.

    9. Each employee is responsible to provide customer satisfaction and to treat equal to each person and organization by prioritizing quality, speed, easiness, courtesy and respect on condition that employee is honest, reliable and honorable in relationships with customers and jobholders.

    10. Each employee is liable to respect workplace orders and working hours, to act appropriate to beginning and ending of working times and resting times and to fulfill service debt without interruption in this regard.

    11. Each employee is responsible to obey working orders and hours of Company and to spend all working hours for Company. Employee cannot work in other works which provide additional income for employee, or cannot undertake management or consultancy duties in other organizations. Employee may serve in management organs of voluntary organizations and associations such as societies, foundations etc. only by the approval of CEO. Payments for membership entrance fee and annual subscriptions for memberships approved by CEO are paid Company of employee. Under no circumstances, employees may serve in management organs of political parties.

    12. Unless authorized by CEO, employees cannot make a statement or inform press and broadcasting associations about Company.

    13. Each employee is liable to protect and secure all money, official documents, equipment and tools of Company and not to use them for his/her private needs.

    14. Each employee is responsible to obey written or verbal instructions, work discipline, workplace health and safety rules given by employer or representatives of employer for working conditions, work conducts and behaviors at workplace determined by the Regulation of Labor Act, employment agreement and this regulation as the annex of employment agreement.
    The required attention is paid for documenting those who violate Company Work Ethics as much as possible and evaluating them objectively, and to notify superior executive of Company as soon as possible and to take related precautions.

    Within this context, employees are responsible to notify and deliver all documents related with all kinds of changes in their family, marital status and addresses and personal and familial information or information related with their relatives and their references in terms of rights and obligations arranged by agreements and regulations. The responsibility of notifying changes in personal information totally belongs to employee. Notification address is the address recently stated by employee and all notifications made to this address are deemed as made to employee.

  • Employees also have to decide by valuing benefits of Company above everything without being influenced benefits of their own or their families when fulfilling these duties;
  • Relationships and activities of employees out of Company should be consistent with responsibilities born as an individual of Company and be non-infringement of laws.
  • Employees are obliged not to abuse sources of Company and not to harm the dignity of Company.
  • Employees need to consider benefit and harms of relationships and activities out of Company and possible conflicts of benefits arising from these activities in terms of Company.