Dividend Distribution Policy

The Board of Directors adopted the application of a profit distribution policy as described below within the framework of the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, Capital Markets Legislation, Tax Regulations and other relevant legislation as well as the provisions of our Articles of Association governing the distribution of profits.
  • In principle, based on the net profit of the period shown in the financial statements prepared and independently audited in accordance with the Capital Markets Legislation, it has been adopted to distribute dividends in cash and/or in terms of free shares over the “distributable profit of the period” as calculated according to the Capital Markets Legislation and other applicable legislation.
  • Our articles of association does not contain a special provision about preferred shares, founder redeemed shares and distribution of profit to members of the Board of Directors and employees regarding distribution of profit.
  • In preparing its profit distribution proposals presented to the approval of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors takes into consideration the sensitive balances between the Company’s existing profitability, the probable expectations of our shareholders and prescribed growth strategies of our Company.
  • Dividend payments (cash and / or bonus shares) are made as soon as possible after the General Assembly and within the legal time limit set by legislation.