İpek Kağıt Tissue Paper
Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products is the manufacturing, marketing and sales company for many of Turkey’s leading brands in the tissue paper, baby care, personal care, household care and away-from-home segments. It also has one of the most powerful sales organizations in Turkey, managed by an experienced and dynamic team and offering extensive coverage. In addition to serving Eczacıbaşı brands, this organization provides leading international brands the opportunity to advance their strategic goals in Turkey through the company’s professional sales and distribution services.

Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products has been at the forefront of Turkey’s tissue paper market since its establishment in 1969 as İpek Kağıt Tissue Paper. It has five powerful tissue paper brands: Selpak, Solo, Silen and Servis for diverse consumer needs and expectations and Selpak Professional for the away-from-home market. Selpak, the company’s flagship brand and a leader in regional markets as well as in Turkey, is so well-known that consumers in Turkey use the brand to refer to all hanky products.
Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products also has leading brands in a variety of personal care segments, including sexual well-being, hair sculpting, eau-de-cologne and skin care. In all of these areas, the company’s mission is to provide consumers the products they need for healthy, modern and high-quality living.

Uni Baby, the market leader in baby care, offers specially formulated products that can be applied safely on babies’ delicate skin from the first day onwards.

Detan and Defans, the company’s pest control and pest repellent brands, are continually developing themselves to ensure pest-free and healthy home environments. Premax, a brand for household cleaning wipes, is another household care category where Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products is offering new solutions for healthy living.

Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products also has a unit focused on product and service solutions for away-from-home customers. With its expert and customer-focused team and effective after-sales services, Eczacıbaşı Professional is one of the leading solution providers for away-from-home establishments in Turkey. In addition to supplying a wide range of tissue paper, cleaning, and hygiene products, as well as foodstuffs, Eczacıbaşı Professional provides training, auditing and consultancy services to away-from-home establishments through its EP Academy program.

In recent years, Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products has increased its focus on international markets; today, its products are sold in more than 60 countries on five continents. Its flagship tissue brands, Selpak, Solo and Silen, which it has promoted in targeted international markets and supported with investments in marketing and sales, are now the best-known and most-preferred in their segments. In the period ahead, in line with its vision of generating more than half of its revenue from international sales, Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products also aims to promote its baby care brand, Uni Baby, and sexual well-being brand, O.K., both of which are leader brands in Turkey, in selected international markets. 
Company Profile
Alp Günvaran
Kavacık Ofis
Rüzgarlı Bahçe Mahallesi,
Kavak Sokak No:20
Beykoz 34805, İstanbul
+(90 216) 333 70 00